howto: Lidar com o PUA – Win Edition!!


A pedido de muitas famílias aqui está uma receita (em ingles) de como resolver o problema do PUA para sistemas Windows:

Nota: terão de alterar as regras indicadas para reflectir as vossas configurações em termos de torrents e afins

The targets of this post are Windows users that want their BitTorrent connections free of Sandvine’s meddling.

The first thing you are going to have to do is install a real firewall, like the Windows port of FreeBSD’s IPFW. Download WIPFW from sourceforge. Unzip the contents into a location where the files can live, like C:Program Fileswipfw.

Run the install-deny.cmd.

Now, you are ready to configure your new firewall. In the folder where you have WIPFW living, you will see a file called wipfw.conf. Open this in your favorite text editor or notepad, if you don’t have a favorite. Replace the contents of this file with the following, substituting 6883 with your BitTorrent port:

# First flush the firewall rules
-f flush

# Allow all internal (loopback) network communications.
add 100 allow all from any to any via lo*

# Prevent any traffic to, common in localhost spoofing
add 110 deny log all from any to in
add 110 deny log all from to any in

# Drop incoming packets with RST flag on BitTorrent port
# This is what thwarts Sandvine.
add drop tcp from any to me 6883 tcpflags rst

# Setup stateful filtering
add check-state
add pass all from me to any out keep-state
add count log ip from any to any

# Allow new incoming BitTorrent connections
add allow tcp from any to me 6883
add allow udp from any to me 6883

Open the command prompt and enter net stop ipfw & net start ipfw. Your computer will now be ignoring Sandvine’s methods.

NOTE: In this configuration, WIPFW drops all other incoming connections and allows all outgoing connections.




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